DOCK CV Development Goals

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As of right now only tested on pose reproduction for 2 testcases.

Create a sphere file by using the sidechain of the CYS residue. In this case isolate the sulfur, carbon, and carbon, and save as a pdb. Using the script pdbtosph, convert that pdb to a .sph file to be read by DOCK. Three atoms are required for spheres and orienting.

Prepare receptor: Remove the covalently bound ligand. Add Hydrogens and charge to the receptor. Remove the CYS sulfur and the next carbon with their associated Hydrogens only. Save as mol2.

Prepare the ligand: Remove all of the protein except for the CYS residue. Delete the backbone and some of the sidechain, leaving the sulfur and attached carbon. Add hydrogens and charge, and manually delete the hydrogens added onto the residue sidechain (ie sulfur and carbon). Save ligand as mol2. Open and edit the ligand.mol2 in vi and change the name of the sulfur to D1 and the atomtype to Du. Change the name of the carbon to D2 and the atomtype to Du. Save the ligand mol2.