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! style="width:10%" !|Complete?
! style="width:10%" !|Complete?
|Fix bug that collapsed atom coordinates  || everywhere? nowhere? somewhere. || LEP || yes
|Fix bug that collapsed atom coordinates  || everywhere? nowhere? somewhere. || LEP || YES MUAHAHAHAHA!
|Added Delimeter header ||conf_gen_ga || LEP || Yes
|Added Delimeter header ||conf_gen_ga || LEP || Yes

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Tasks src Owner Complete?
Fix bug that collapsed atom coordinates everywhere? nowhere? somewhere. LEP YES MUAHAHAHAHA!
Added Delimeter header conf_gen_ga LEP Yes
Fix xover only feature conf_gen_ga LEP Yes
Put in error messages for mut_rate > 1 conf_gen_ga LEP Yes
Manual user-defined mutation type conf_gen_ga LEP Yes
Remove check only option conf_gen_ga LEP Yes
Add single molecule evolution in testcase in install dir. install/test/genetic LEP no
Compute delta slope of fitness score congen_ga.cpp LEP no

To Do List

  1. slow down molecular evolution so there are less drastic canges between each successive generation
  2. tanimoto coefficient percent change - might be inaccurate due to tan coef behavior
  3. Rotatable bond changes
  4. Number of aromatic rings
  5. -xover (guided based on score) - Good v Good ; Bad v Good ; Bad v Bad THIS
  6. nonexhaustive xover (pick subset of xover based on probability)
  7. 2-3 point xover at once
  8. adaptive maintenance ensemble based on ensemble convergence THIS
  9. bring in new parents based on convergence
  10. Mutations-
    1. adaptive mutation rate THIS
    2. pick location of mutation based on something
    3. pick mutation type based on behavior of ensemble
    4. molecules too large boost deletion
    5. molecules too small, add more groups
    6. change ...boost replace/sub
    7. mutation type selection based on probability vs ensemble
    8. complete x # y mutation so far so less prevalent etc
    9. 3 layer subs do no work so don't do them
    10. replace > 1 segment
  11. fitness-
    1. turn on and off niching adaptive/extinction
    2. reduce boost of fragments and all poor mols with niching
    3. pareto/mulitobjective ga
  12. selection-
    1. metropolis selection for tournament/roulette
    2. adaptive keep #p and #o
  13. extinction-
    1. user defined point vs on-the-fly convergence THIS
  14. stop-
    1. convergence
  15. which molecules are best-
    1. best first pruning - now uses descriptor score even if niching ned to delta to fitness/niching when used
    2. geometric diversity using Hingarian and Tan pruning