Formating your Thesis

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This is ment to aid in formating a thesis or diseratation.

For Word 2003:

Uses the style feild in the formatting toolbar to set text as headings.

  • Insert the table of contents by going to:
  • Insert --> Reference --> Index and Tables.
  • Click the Table of Contents tab
  • See the following link for more info [1]

To insert a figure/table caption:

  • Insert --> Reference --> Caption

To insert a caption with the label "Figure 1-#"

  • click the add new label and type "Figure1-"
  • Then click ok
  • Select the label you want and click ok.
  • See the following link for more info [2]

Add the title of the figure on the same line and the rest of the caption on the next line.

To insert the Table of Figure

  • Insert --> Reference --> Index and Tables
  • Click on Table of Figures
  • select the appropriate Caption label

Repeat for all appropriate Caption label