Formating your Thesis

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This is ment to aid in formating a thesis or diseratation.

For Word 2003:

Uses the style feild in the formatting toolbar to set text as headings.

  • Insert the table of contents by going to:
  • Insert --> Reference --> Index and Tables.
  • Click the Table of Contents tab

To insert a figure/table caption:

  • Insert --> Reference --> Caption

To insert a caption with the label "Figure 1-#"

  • click the add new label and type "Figure1-"
  • Then click ok
  • Select the label you want and click ok.

Add the title of the figure on the same line and the rest of the caption on the next line.

To insert the Table of Figure

  • Insert --> Reference --> Index and Tables
  • Click on Table of Figures
  • select the appropriate Caption label

Repeat for all appropriate Caption label