How to purchase compounds for Rizzo lab

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This is a guide for Rizzo lab members to purchasing compounds through Molport for testing.

Rizzo lab members will need access to Wolfmart. You can request access through Andrea Curran and with Dr. Rizzo's permission.

 Request an official quote from Molport using the address:
 Professor Robert C. Rizzo
 Institute of Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery
 Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
 Math Tower Room 1-111
 Stony Brook University
 Stony Brook NY, 11794-3600
  1. Log onto Wolfmart360 and select Stony Brook
  2. Under shortcuts - select Non-Catalog Item
  3. Search for Molport in the Enter Supplier field
  4. In Catalog No. input the Quotation No. from the official quote
  5. For the Description field, write "small molecules for biochemical assays"
  6. For the Quantity field, write in 1
  7. In the Price field, input the exact total price of the compounds including shipping
  8. In the Packaging field, selection Micrograms
  9. Attach the official quote with the "Add Internal Attachments" button
  10. Save and close
  11. Go into your cart and in the right hand corner click "Assign Cart"
  12. Search for Andrea Curran
  13. Input the grant number that the compounds are going to be purchased off of in the description box and submit
  14. Send Andrea Curran and email explaining the purchase, which grant will be used, and attach the official quote again
  15. Due to customs, you will need to fill out a Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) Certification