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||Guilherme.duarteramosmatos [at] stonybrook [dot] edu
||Guilherme.duarteramosmatos [at] stonybrook [dot] edu
||Postdoctoral Researcher
||Postdoctoral Researcher
||Zika Virus, de novo design
||DOCK6 development

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Robert C. Rizzo

Stony Brook University

Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Office: Math Tower 1-111

Lab: Math Tower 3-129

Stony Brook, NY 11794-3600

Email: rizzorc [at] gmail [dot] com

Office: (631) 632-9340

Lab: (631) 632-8519

Fax: (631) 632-8490

Website: rizzolab.org

Wiki: ringo.ams.sunysb.edu


Name E-mail Status Project Year
Dr. Robert C. Rizzo rizzorc [at] gmail [dot] com Principal investigator Group leader 2004 - present
Guilherme Duarte Ramos Matos Guilherme.duarteramosmatos [at] stonybrook [dot] edu Postdoctoral Researcher DOCK6 development 2019-present
Lauren Prentis lauren.prentis [at] stonybrook [dot] edu Doctoral Student HIV gp41, Fatty acid binding protein, de novo design 2016 - present
Stephen Telehany stephen.telehany [at] stonybrook [dot] edu Doctoral Student Zika Virus, de novo design 2017-present
John Bickel john.bickel [at] stonybrook [dot] edu Doctoral Student de novo design 2019-present
Rodger Tan rodger.tan [at] stonybrook [dot] edu Undergraduate Student Test Set, benchmarking, de novo design 2019-present
Scott Laverty scott.laverty [at] stonybrook [dot] edu Undergraduate Student TBD 2019-present


Name Status Project Year New Position
Yuchen Zhou Doctoral / Masters student BoNT/E, DOCK scoring functions, FABP5 2012 - 2018 Postdoc, Filizola Lab at ISMMS
Jiaye Guo Doctoral student Solvated footprints, Small-molecule inhibitor for HER2 2013 - 2018 Postdoc, Chodera Lab at MSKCC
Courtney Singleton MD / PhD Student HIVgp41, De novo design, genetic algorithm 2014 - 2018 Stony Brook Medical School
Dwight McGee Postdoctoral Researcher HIVgp41, Free energy calculations, de novo design 2015 - 2018 Silicon Therapeutics
Brian Fochtman Doctoral student HIVgp41, DOCK development 2011 - 2017 The FDA
Lingling Jiang jianglilian68 [at] gmail [dot] com HIVgp41, Pharmacophore modeling 2010 - 2015 Novo Nordisk
Brian Ralph Undergraduate student Fatty acid binding protein, De novo design 2013 - 2015 Dental school
William J. Allen Postdoctoral fellow HIVgp41, DOCK development 2011 - 2015 TACC
Yulin Huang Doctoral student EGFR, IGF-IR 2008 - 2013 Wall Street
Sudipto Mukherjee Doctoral / Masters student DOCK development, HIVgp41 2005 - 2012 Postdoc, Voelz Lab
Trent E. Balius Doctoral student EGFR, HIVgp41, DOCK development 2007 - 2012 Project Lead, RAS Computational Chemistry Team in the Cancer Research Tecnhology Program (CRTP) at the Frederick National Lab for Cancer Research
Patrick Holden patrick.m.holden [at] gmail [dot] com HIVgp41 2009 - 2011 --
Jibril Ashiru-Balogun Undergraduate student HIVgp41 2010 - 2011 --
Brian Shea Undergraduate student Kinases 2010 --
Patrick Murphy Undergraduate student Influenza 2009 - 2010 --
Rashi Goyal Masters student Influenza, HIV 2007 - 2010 --
Brian McGillick Masters student HIVgp41 2007 - 2010 --
Kenneth Ascher Undergraduate student DOCK method development 2009 - 2010 --
Dimir Abrar Undergraduate student HIVRT crossdocking 2008 - 2009 --
Chetan Raj Rupakheti Summer student HIVgp41 2008 --
Bentley Strockbine Postdoc HIVgp41 2005 - 2007 --
Noel Carrascal Doctoral student DOCK method development 2005 - 2007 --
Ricky Chachra Undergraduate student Influenza drug resistance 2005 - 2007 --
Amee Patel Undergraduate student Testset development 2005 - 2007 --