AMS-531 Laboratory Rotations in Computational Biology

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Please see for Rizzo Group Homepage

Instructor Dr. Robert C. Rizzo [631-632-9340,]
Course No. AMS-531
Location/Time Individual
Office Hours Anytime or by appointment, Room 1-111, Dept. of Applied Math & Statistics

GENERAL INFORMATION: GENERAL INFORMATION: AMS-532 is a two semester course in which students attend and actively participate in research discussions at weekly Journal Club meetings on topics from the current literature using the skills and knowledge acquired during laboratory rotations (AMS-531), or, if they have already joined a research lab, on topics relevant to their own research projects. In the Spring, a new component is added which is devoted to Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) training as mandated by the University and Federal funding agencies (e.g. NIH, NSF, DOE, DOD). Note that Journal Club and Responsible Conduct of Research are required of all PhD and Masters students.