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This is intended to be the one-stop-shop for analysis tools and scripts for the lab.

See below for the intended list of things to be added (LastAdded: 01/07/2020 JDB)

  • MMGBSA - execution and analysis
  • Footprinting with amber
  • Multifootprint with dock
  • Making 2D structures (JMOL, MarvinSketch)
  • Sequence alignments
  • Test set statistics
  • MOE inputs, descriptions, files, scripts?

Using this repository

What is this repository?

This wiki page will serve as a jumping off point for any sort of structural biology application analysis. It should provide a streamlined, straightforward and updatable means of performing typical analyses (E.g. RMSD's of ligand from MD simulation with respect to docked pose, mmgbsa error calculation determination using autocorrelation function and block average standard error of the mean, etc.) Each writeup should ideally be able to walk the user through the purpose, functionality or usage, text output and ultimately visual output for a particular analysis allowing new users to make publication quality figures in a straightforward manner.

How to update this repository

How to add new analysis/what should each entry contain

    1) A brief description of what the tool/function/set of scripts does and what it would be used for.
    2) How the scripts or tools are utilized, any caveats with the scripts as they're written
    3) An example figure of what the output should yield.
    4) A link to the necessary scripts or code on the Rizzo Lab Github.
    5) If possible a link to a publication where the analysis was used.


RMSD - Molecular Dynamics

MMGBSA error calculation/estimation using autocorrelation function (ACF) and Block Average standard error of the mean (BASEM)


Virtual Screening Protocol