DOCK VS Development Goals

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Tasks src Owner Complete?
Consensus score SMT Yes
Fix bug that prints out 2/3 sigfigs instead of 6 for MW and FC library_file, filter, amber_typer LEP Yes
Clean GNU warnings LEP No
Fix nano/micro/milisecond timer GDRM No
ga flag and verbose == 2 for premin_mol in simplex simplex.cpp LEP Yes
Merge Hackathon changes to beta for clean faster code pow/memcpy/mpi pointers everywhere LEP Yes
Add Tip3p atom type to dock vdw.defn fingerprint LEP Yes
Hide secondary scoring function permanently lots LEP Yes
Merge GIST into latest dock grid, master_score, score_descriptor, score_gist LEP Yes
Add second layer of verbosity utils, conf_gen_dn so far LEP Yes
Multigrid footprint text file formatting needs adjustment LEP No
Add the DUDE systems created by Jiaye, Brian, and Yuchen to the standard DOCK test set No
Create an RNA test set using systems suggested by Al-Hashimi Rodger, John No
RDKit integration with DOCK
Fix minimization issue with perfectly linear (alkyne) compounds Add dummy atom 90* as in other codes so dihedral is defined, treat the hydrogen as a part of the carbon or heavy atom (united atom) approach, flag dihedrals that are undefined or close to 180* as non rotatable Open No