DOCK VS Development Goals

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Task src Owner Complete?
Fix bug that prints out 2/3 sigfigs instead of 6 for MW and FC library_file, filter, amber_typer LEP Yes
Roulette function to Random and Graph as an option LEP
Overhaul the simple build function LEP
When minimizing with descriptor score, make sure fingerprint is turned off xxx
Speed up fingerprint calculations by saving reference ligand as a permanent object WJA yep
Add pre-min conformations to growth trees WJA yep
Add verbose flag options WJA yep
Put molecular properties (RB, MW, etc) in mol2 header WJA yep
Put ensemble properties (RB, MW, etc) output stream at the end of each layer WJA yep
Check formal charge prune BCF yep
Combination of horizontal pruning metrics (let's consider dropping tanimoto prune and just using hungarian prune) WJA yep
Finish implementing growth trees WJA yep
Revisit orienting to make sure it is working as intended WJA yep
Fixed a bug where we were marking scaffold_this_layer as true for any fragment WJA yep
Update random sampling function to use last layer changes in graph function WJA yep
Do that same thing for the exhaustive function WJA yep
I don't think we ever clear the scaf_link_sid vector, we definitely should do that somewhere WJA yep
Update exhaustive to combine all frags into one library, just like graph / random. WJA yep