Making images for publication using vmd

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To make publication quality image using vmd do the following steps:

  • Load VMD state of the Molecule.
  • Go to File -> Render -> Tachyon
  • Change both occurrences of %s to "plot" in the render window
  • Render once
  • Edit resolution in plot.dat by using the following bat script:
 "C:\Program Files\GnuWin32\bin\sed" "s/Resolution 1024 712/Resolution 2048 1424/"
     today\plot.dat > today\temp.dat
 "C:\Program Files\University of Illinois\VMD\tachyon_WIN32.exe" -aasamples 8 -trans_vmd
     -mediumshade today\temp.dat -format BMP -o today\plot.bmp
  • You should change the resolution to be a multiple of the current resolution.
    • eg 1024X742 -> 2048X1484
  • This script also re-renders the image in to a bitmap file called plot.bmp.
  • Open plot.bmp in a picture editor and convert to png