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SB2010 Docking Database [2010.05.19 Initial Release]

Resource Filename
Receptors, Ligands and Spheres SB2010.05.19_rec.lig.sph.tar.gz
Energy and Bump Grids To be released
Alternate Ligand Charge Models To be released
Aligned Protein Families To be released
Flexible Docked Ensembles To be released
Best Flex Docked Poses To be released
DOCK Sample Inputs RGD FAD FLX
Flexibility Subset Lists 7orless 8to15 15+ all

SB2010 Protein Families [2010.05.19 Initial Release]

Protein Family Size
Factor Xa 41
Neuraminidase 43
Sialidase 11
Ribonuclease T1 7
OMP Decarboxylase 7
Estrogen Receptor 45
T4 Lysozyme 13
Beta Trypsin 29
Streptavidin 8
Thrombin 37
Tyrosine Phosphatase 20
HMG COA Reductase 20
Ribonuclease A 14
Alpha Trypsin 46
Acetylcholinesterase 19
HIV Protease 60
Thermolysin 26
Carboxypeptidase A 8
Matrix Metalloprotease 14
Egg Lysozyme 14
Phospholipase A2 15
Thymidylate Synthase 12
Carbonic Anhydrase 29

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