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(Formal Presentation Schedule)
(Formal Presentation Schedule)
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Group Meeting Time and Location

  • Tuesdays: 10:00AM to ~ 12:00PM
  • Fridays: 2:30PM to ~ 4:00PM
  • All meetings are in the AMS Seminar Room of Math Tower unless otherwise advised


  • Formal Presentations: These meetings are formal and is your chance to tell a complete story. Talks should be presented in PPT format and be about 40 minutes long. The goal of the talks is for you to clearly and concisely present your overall progress to date but with appropriate background and interpretation of your results. As such, talks should be arranged in the following order:
    • Introduction/Background
    • Specifics of Your System
    • Computational Details (theory)
    • Computational Details (system setup)
    • Results and Discussion
    • Conclusions
    • Future
    • Acknowledgments

  • Data Driven: These meetings are informal but should be taken seriously. Everyone (rotation students too) should expect to give the group a verbal account of their progress to date as a member of our research team.
    • Be prepared to explain the current status of your projects, papers, and grant proposals. This usually involves showing hard copies of data plots, graphs, pictures, etc.
    • Be prepared to explain what you think needs to happen in order for you to make substantial progress.
    • Be prepared to explain the specifics (action tasks) of exactly what you plan to do to make progress over the next week.

Formal Presentation Schedule

Note: All group members are responsible for updating the weekly meeting Wiki.