Setting up RSA SecureID token

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I. Obtaining RSA SecureID token

  1.  Apply for a RSA SecureID token by filling out the account request form. 
      More information about what the RSA token is can be found here:  RSA token
  2.  Users will receive two emails stating when they can download and install the RSA SecurID Token.
      1. First email should contain an attachment of your own personal RSA SecurID Token Configuration file. 
         (Follow the exact instructions on that email).
      2. Second email should contain an initial password for your RSA SecurID Token.

II. Set Token Pin Number

  1.  Use the following method to set pin using the SSH Gateways
  2.  The following instructions below comes from the exact wording from the above site. In bold are my added suggestions:
      1. Enter the [6-Digit tokencode] currently displayed on your RSA SecurID.
      2. Enter [y] to agree to setup your new PIN.
      3. Enter a [4-8 character] PIN of your own choosing. Instructions in the black screen state to come up with an alphanumeric pin; 
         however, from experience it is best to use a four-digit numeric pin.
      4. [Re-enter] that PIN for verification.
      5. Once the PIN is accepted, press [ENTER] to continue.
      6. You will, once again, be asked to enter your PASSCODE. Your Passcode is the combination of your [PIN + tokencode] 
         NO SPACES BETWEEN PIN & tokencode
         You will never need a 'password'.  That option will only come up when there is an error.
         For Example, if your PIN is [9876] and the current tokencode displayed on your RSA SecurID is [123456], you would enter [9876123456].
         Each tokencode can only be used once and will refresh every 60 seconds.
      7. Your PIN is now set and you should have a successful SSH connection established.