Stony Brook Joint Group Meetings in Computational Structural Biology

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Joint Group Meetings in Computational Structural Biology convene every third Thursday of the month for one hour. There will be a 1/2 hour presentation by a member of one of the partipating research groups followed by discussion after or during the talk. The focus of the presentation is on the computational and analytical methods used to simulate biological systems as well as the problems and issues concerning these. Currently particpiating research groups are: Davenport, Deng, Green, Rizzo, Simmerling, Wang and Fernandez-Serra.

Group Meeting Time and Location

5:30 to 6:30PM in Chemistry Room 410

Group Meeting Food

IMPORTANT: The group that is presenting also is responsible for bringing pizza and soda. We have been ordering seven pizzas (cut into 8 slices) from SAC and bringing three 2-liter bottles of soda. Don't forget plates, napkins, and cups.

SAC pizza needs to be ordered in advance, preferably the day before the meeting. Go to the SAC cafeteria office, just past the entrance door. You can order the pizza there and pay with a credit card. Insist on NOT paying sales tax since it will not be reimbursed. If they give you a hassle tell them to do it anyway and they will agree. Get the receipt then, or make sure that someone gets the receipt when they pick up the pizza later. Since they don't have large soda bottles, you need to get these somewhere else. Reminder- don't forget plates, napkins, and cups!

Also, since each group will need to get reimbursed by their respective departments it is important to save all receipts.

For the Rizzo lab members do or note the following for reimbursement:

(1) Money comes from the stony brook foundation 
    (fill out the Stony Brook Foundation Cash Payment Voucher) 
(2) Attach all receipts
(3) Attach a copy of the meeting schedule

Group Meeting Schedule

Each group is responsible for updating the Joint Group Meeting Wiki.

Joint Group Meeting 2007-2009

Joint Group Meeting 2010