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first get cluster account at step 7 be sure to apply for

 NYBlue accounts and CryptoCards

or go to and request a blue gene account, and a crypto card

go to and follow instructions

I. Using Crypto Card

1. After you have applied for accounts, you will get an email: Cryptocard email#1. That would give a link to a software version of the CRYPTOCard Token, known as the ST-1. Install it from the offsite link. Also download the .tok attachment in the file to your Desktop.

2. Your Initial PIN# for your ST-1 Software Token is in the Cryptocard email #2.

3. After installing SoftToken ST-1, Go to File--> Programs and open the .tok file.

        Turn it "On"
        Enter the PIN (from email #2)
       (select "Change PIN" button to change current PIN to some 4-6 digit numeric pin)
        Turn it ‘Off’ when done

3. Use it to generate a secure password.

For more information go to

II. ssh to the Blue Gene gateways

1. ssh (outside the BNL network)

2. When prompted for a Username type your CryptoCard username. At Password prompt, enter the CryptoCard password that was generated by the CryptoCard token. The password should look like a Telephone Number (make sure you include the dash when typing the password).

3. Generate an ssh key pair (using ssh-keygen -t dsa) and email the generated public key to the admins ( You can download the key to your Desktop and only email the public key (.pub file) to admin. The default location of the generated ssh keys is in the user's .ssh directory. The default private key filename is .ssh/id_dsa while the default public key filename is .ssh/

4. You will receive an email notification from the Blue Gene admins when your public key is deployed. Thereafter, you would be able to access the Front-End nodes from the Blue Gene ssh gateways:

  ssh for the BG/L machine 
  ssh for the BG/P machine 

transfer public and private keys from Gateway to FEN

write a file in .ssh/ directory.


maybe ??? transfer public and private keys from FEN to cluster.

Trent complains, " It still prompts me for a password."